Technical Picnic

Picnic Description

The TNT – Theatre & New Technology project is calling together a Technical Picnic where 16 open-minded performing arts experts (set-, light-, sound- and media designers, directors, dramaturges, etc.) from the Nordic countries are invited to participate in a special workshop in Tampere, Finland, to work, experiment, discuss and challenge own and others standpoints on the use and development of interactive technology in the performing arts. The Picnic is The focus of this workshop will be on how interactive technology can be an active and co-creative actor in a creative process in the context of the performing arts and the design of theatrical experiences. The Technical Picnic will be held partly alongside the Tampere Theatre Festival.

The Picnic´s results will be presented to the public in an open demonstration in the morning of Tuesday 4th of August at the Teatterimonttu venue.


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