Use of Motion capture in performing arts

3ndGame. Motion Capture workshop
Tampere 30 November – 4 December 2015

The TNT – Theatre & New Technology project organises a Motion Capture workshop 3ndGame that combines real-time 3D animation with live performance in a virtual/MoCap studio environment. In the workshop, interdisciplinary groups will work together to process scenes from Samuel Beckett’s Endgame into new mixed-reality versions and experiences.

An overarching motivation for the workshop is to creatively access the embodied information Motion Capture systems enable, i.e., to learn from the ways of knowing, doing and feeling peculiar to live virtual performances.

3ndGame workshop capitalizes on the previous research projects´ (DREX, Vimma project) experiences and develops further the use of sensor-based 3D motion capture in the context of real-time performance.

Workshop supervisors:
Matt Delbridge, Head of theatre (Tasmanian College of Arts/ Univ. of Tasmania)
Daniel Skovli, Motion capture supervisor
Riku Roihankorpi, Research director (Centre for Practise as Research in Theatre/Univ. of Tampere)
Mikko Kanninen, University lecturer of acting (Univ. of Tampere/ NÄTY)
Pekka Heikkinen, freelance actor
Mikko Karsisto, Studio manager (Mediapolis Motion Capture Studio)

Main organizer:
Centre for Practise as Research in Theatre T7 (University of Tampere)

In collaboration with:
TNT – Theatre & New Technology network
Devising Games Education Network
Tasmanian College of Arts/ University of Tasmania
The Degree Programme in Theatre Arts NÄTY / University of Tampere
Mediapolis Motion Capture Studio
HKU University of the Arts Utrecht/ MAPLAB
City University of Hong Kong
Communication University of China